Another Experience That Made Me Use The Two Systems Of

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Another experience that made me use the two systems of decision making and the “want self” and “should self” of ethical thinking as my patterns for this paper is a situation at work where I acted immoral. During an event put on by my work, I oversaw a concession stand which sold snacks to event-goers. While working, my boss would show up periodically and take some of the food without paying for it. I estimate no more than twenty dollars’ worth of merchandise was take nonetheless, I let it happen. The event was during my first weeks working for the Parks and Recreation Department, and I was still new to the surroundings. Being scared to confront the boss caused myself to act immoral. Before reading Blind Spots, I had not really thought …show more content…

The best part of these patterns, they can be corrected over time. There are ways to overcome the obstacles and help us become more mindful of the morality of situations. To help overcome the blind spots presented by the Systems pattern is to be mindful and plan properly to look back in a realistic manner about your behavior (Bazerman & Tenbrunsel, p. 153). System 1 deals with our quick responses to situation, by acting automatically and with very little thought, while System 2 deals with our responses to situations in a slow and cognitive manner, using logic and rationality (Bazerman & Tenbrunsel, p. 35). Because we are more likely to use System 1, which will usually produce more immoral acts, we should train ourselves to think about each situation clearly and in a rational demeanor. To do this, we need to be analytical towards each decision, while also training ourselves for the hidden scenarios, so when the time comes, we act accordingly. I will take this into consideration for my own life. From now on I will take each situation slowly and think rationally about the correct way to go about solving a dilemma. Training myself to judge which System to use and to dictate when a gut instinct or a conscious and effortful should be used. While also allowing myself to decide what should be done

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