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Discussion Questions 1. Apply the ethical decision making model presented in week one lectures (adapted from Beemsterboer, 2010; Velasquez et al, 2009) to the case study. a. identify the ethical dilemma In the above case study the ethical dilemma is whether to give the contract to company A which is a fair option among the two or give the contract to company B because it is run by Nirmal’s friend Devraj. And the dilemma is weather to choose fairness or friendship. b. list the facts of the case - The facts to be considered to decide who should be awarded the contract • Company A offer is slightly better than Company B • Company B’s initial cost are less compared to company B • The expenditure on offer of company B is more than …show more content…

Mention the concept of utilitarian calculus in your answer. o Rely on utilitarianism Nirmal whether pick way b. Comparatively concerning illustration this might make best situation those put incredible number for people would been benefited in this movement might be morally straight on the effects might substantial similarly this methodology make That's just those tip of the more employments. d. Apply rule utilitarianism using your answers to question 2, parts a, and b, and decide which path Nirmal should take when applying the rules of common morality. I feel Nirmal ought to further bolstering think as of the competency, what's more additionally if keep in personality that he if not deny an equitability of a company’s arrangement furthermore consider individual fellowship over equitability. Also I have confidence whether Nirmal acknowledges the individuals for as much homeland, he should think about competency most importantly what more a chance to be impartial is. In this way, likewise for every my seeing from claiming utilitarianism the place joy for vast number for kin from claiming social order is acknowledged likewise best great. So I believe on agreement might try on shares of the organization A, All the more individuals might make happy, What's more assuming that agreement dives should agency b possibilities for more individuals might be despondent. 3. Using deontological ethical theory

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