Another Mid-Life Wife Story: "The Ruse"

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Another Mid-Life Wife Story:
"The Ruse" Janice awoke that morning to the shower running and her not in it. One of her children migrated into her bedroom, stealing her shower. "Darn it all!" she mumbled from beneath the covers, turning over abruptly defeated. There would be no hot shower this morning. The hot water heater was about to die being stingy in producing hot water. Sleepily she thought about this day's agenda. ARG! I host Bunco this afternoon for the Neighborhood Women's Association! Then she also realized she had a meeting with several clients, needed to get the car s tires rotated, take her husband's suits to the cleaners, and pick up the cat from being neutered at the vet, put dinner in the crock pot, take Lia to ballet practice, and call her mother to wish her a "Happy Birthday." "Did I call the florist to send flowers?"Janice thought. Rolling herself out of bed abruptly to check her phone, she stubbed her foot on the laundry basket that didn't get put away from the day before and cuts her toe. Looking down and grimacing at sight of the drizzling oozing red liquid now expelling from it -caused by those innocent little slots in the laundry basket- she exclaimed out loud, "I need a wife! I can't keep up with everything!"
The house was mess. So was her life. Every minute of every day seemed so full. Her days were never ending with ball practice's, ballet classes, school meetings, home meetings, and business meetings; this-that, and the other. She felt

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