Anthem Epilogue Essay

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Life has fared well since Gaea and I have lived in this house. There are now others in houses surrounding us. These are my friends that I returned to rescue, International 4-8818 being one of them. He is now called Apollo. We are happy here, all of us. The others are learning, albeit rather slowly, yet they learn to say I instead of we. It is my hope that, before my first child is born, they will all say I so that he or she may only know this and not the cursed we. It has been a couple of weeks, and our first child has arrived: a girl. We have decided to name her Aphrodite, for she is the symbol of the love between Gaea and I. We will teach her to be the symbol of love for our new world to learn. They must know that love is an important …show more content…

What an interesting idea. Aphrodite is growing quickly. She appears to thrive on the attention she gets from us: her mother and father. Strange words those, but also true in our case. It is odd to know that we are the parents of a child; one that we will watch grow up and become a leader of our new world. That is a great future to behold. Apollo came to us today. He is to be a father soon as well. We have wished him the best of luck at being a father. We all only hope that the generation we raise can be happy and that they know how to lead their own lives without depending on everyone else. Apollo has had a son. He has chosen to name him Hephaestus because he will build a strong nation. Hephaestus and Aphrodite play well together. Perhaps one day they will start a family, a generation, of their own. That is what we have become, our separate world up here on the mountain. We have become a family: the people we share our happiness with, our sadness with, our victories, and our defeats. Family is the truest group in which you can remain your own person and yet be part of a whole. Our family continues to grow. Many of our new world have chosen to have children. Our children grow as well. Some have become old enough to start learning and understanding our new found way of life. They embrace it quickly and easily. It is amazing. I am happy for this. The wonders never cease. Tonight, we all saw something truly amazing: a light

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