Anthem For Doomed Youth By Wilfred Owen Poetry

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Throughout Wilfred Owen’s collection of poems, Owen explicitly utilizes a distinct range of techniques and forms to dissect the brutal and horrific nature of war. His poems plays fundamental role in how we perceive war as we come to understand and build rapport of the contexts and events behind his poems. By examining the composition of, Anthem for Doomed Youth and Dulce et Decorum Est, Owen presents the unavoidable carnage and destruction of war whilst revealing the deterioration of the human spirit through the ironic nature of its celebration. He offers sarcastic criticism abandoning political values and romanticized views of war, subverting the glorification of war and the enticement of young men to their deaths. Owen also influences his audience giving them a lens into warfare exposing the suffering and pity of war while capturing the extremities of the human condition as well as the pointlessness of war itself. Overall, Wilfred Owen’s work elevates the contexts and events of his own experiences, whilst developing and transforming our understandings of war through its didactic purpose, evocative language and ability to retain textual integrity.

Anthem for Doomed Youth, reflects the futile nature of war while criticizing its celebration. Owen achieves this through the irony of its title as the celebration presented in “Anthem” which contrasts the notion of “Doomed Youth”, almost depicting the meaningless of the deaths of youthful soldiers. This pointlessness is further

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