Ontlametse: Delaying The Natural Effects Of Aging

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We live in an age obsessed society. Just a quick peak around the local pharmacy shows no shortage of "anti-aging" creams and solutions. We live to look and feel young yet it's losing battle from the start. Ultimately, we can only delay the natural effects of aging for so long. That is unless you are like these five people found on YouTube. They are immune to aging. However, you'll find out that it's not all it's cracked up to be. 1. AGELESS BABY BROOKE GREENBURG ON YOUTUBE Years ago, Brooke Greenberg made headlines and confused scientists because she never aged. Throughout her short, 20 years of life, Brook never aged beyond the size of an infant nor the mental capacity of a 2-year old child. Apparently, Brook is one of just a dozen children …show more content…

Freeman was born blind and on the brink of death for many months. However, once Nicky turned 1 year old, he began to talk. Yet, at 14 months, he mysteriously stopped talking and hasn't said a word since. Despite remaining "stuck in time" Nicky's parents think that her son can understand more advanced concepts such as conversations and music. 4. SOUTH AFRICAN AGELESS YOUTUBE BABY Besides having a strange name, Ontlametse Phalatse has a weird disorder too. The 12-year-old is the first ever black child with the fatal syndrome x disorder. The child flies to Boston twice a year for treatment thanks to a charity. However, doctors say this trip will be short lived. Apparently, the 12-year old baby only has a couple more years to live. 5. 27-YEAR-OLD YOUTUBE MAN DIDN'T REACH PUBERTY Unlike the last four children, Brandon Westfall is not a baby. He is a full grown, 27-year-old man. Well, kind of. Brandon hasn't reached puberty yet. According to him, he still has the motions and looks of a 12-year-old boy. The cause of this disease? Kallmann Syndrome. Furthermore, Brandon even went as far to say he has no sex drive at all even though he likes women, yet has no desire to pursue

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