Anti-Statism: A Political System

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Statism, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs. Anti-Statism, not to be confused with Anarchism, was termed for describing the opposition to state intervention into the personal day-to-day lives of a given society. Some of those that hold Anti-Statism views, in my minimal understanding of it, view government more like a religion in that citizens of a government follow its otherwise absurd policies faithfully and in ignorant bliss. The end point being to abolish state rule of law in order to achieve a better way of life for all. I would err on the side of this stance being more idealistic than plausible in our current point of …show more content…

What are the next steps for breaking free of our barbarism? First, create a world that values all sentient life, not just human, over commerce. I would argue this is as vital to our plight as is the mechanism for spreading factual knowledge, if not more so. Second, get rid of the unreliable and false ideas of religion/dogma. I find that this is the most daunting and labor intensive roadblock we face. One only has to see the after affects which await intellectual powerhouses such as Richard Hawkins, Sam Harris, or Noam Chomsky after they publicly oppose religious views. Thirdly, make it unacceptable in every society for not utilizing the most reliable method of discerning what is true (i.e., the scientific method). And, in order not to fall back into the insanity of our subjectivity, we must always strive to update this method as better information and discoveries occur. Maybe then, just maybe, will our species begin to philosophically …show more content…

The history of life has shown it to evolve towards progression. But, let's be intellectually honest with ourselves here, as a species modern man is only about 195,000 years old ( Who knows maybe due to science and the ability to reason our species will continue to actively influence evolution, and speed up the process. It's possible it won't take another 195,000 years for us to evolve beyond our refined parasitic means of survival. It is otherwise idealistic to not at least acknowledge Statism and wars themselves will be with us for the foreseeable future. However, we may see the day come in our lifetime when genocide remains in the museum, and the occurrence of people dying from starvation or poverty is eradicated. Now that would be something worth being proud

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