Anti Vaccine Movement Is Making Strong Waves Upon Society

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There was a time in history when nearly all children in America had contracted the measles virus before the age of 16. This was in the decade before 1963. During this time, each year an estimated three to four million people in the United States were infected, with 48,000 hospitalized, and 400-500 fatalities. In 1963 the measles virus vaccine was licensed in the United States (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Today, the notoriously rampant measles virus is almost unheard of. Measles is one of many diseases that have been prevented, or eradicated by the use of vaccines. Today many of America’s most infamous diseases such as Measles, Hepatitis A, Mumps, and Pertussis have seen a greater than 85% decrease in reported contractions since the pre-vaccine era, and the Smallpox virus has been completely eradicated (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Despite all of the remarkable statistics proving the effectiveness of vaccines, today’s anti-vaccine movement is making strong waves upon society.
The last decade has seen the seemingly brilliant solution to disease epidemics turn into a highly controversial subject. The ongoing debate between pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine has credible arguments on both sides. Those who are pro-vaccine have the overwhelming statistics of disease prevention to their disposal, and the anti-vaccine argument can argue that there are potentially safer ways to prevent the spread of disease. The health aspects of vaccines have been

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