Should Vaccines Be Mandatory

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Should Vaccinations be Mandatory? This essay will attempt to investigate the employment of the 23 plus vaccinations used today and how they defend the preventions and spread of diseases. The paper will support the pros and the cons of vaccinations that are supported by research statistics as well as the different symptoms that have been reported for each available vaccine. What is a vaccine? Vaccines have been defined as the development of depleted or killed microscopic organisms and once given that energizes antibody formulations. ("Vaccine," 2010) 23 various types of immunizations exist today. Vaccines have been reported to cause reactions that have gone under-reported and certain public health officials have been tracked …show more content…

The various diseases for the cure for vaccinations are vastly differentiated. Many of the diseases have proven to be mild and in most cases deemed harmless, except in situational cases. It is difficult to substantiate taking the risk with any vaccinations when the risks are minimized. Alternatively some of these diseases today are just about extinct or declared rare by researchers. If your children are at a risk to being exposed to any of these diseases the chances are possibly 0%, that a vaccine can offer any additional protections. (Belkin 1999)
2. How persuasive is the vaccine in preventing the disease? No one has ever been able to state for sure that a vaccine is 100% effective. Some vaccines have been stated to show around 80% effectiveness or in some cases may be considerably less. (Cody 1981) Another question is how long the protection is supposed to last? Some researchers have stated that it is doubtful to state it will last a decade. Booster shots may be needed for diseases deemed to be more serious and have shorter phases of effectiveness.
3. How dangerous are the vaccine side effects? Some of the vaccines have been reported to have some serious side effects, where some of them have included death. Some of the unfavorable effects have been reported and do vary greatly by the type of vaccine and have been gravely argued as to how many of these effects are a direct results of the vaccine. It is very difficult to determine

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