Antidepressant Prozac: Difference Between Consumers And Citizens

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Are we Americans viewed by our leaders as rational, free citizens of a completely operational democracy, or purely as a collective of mindless consumers? Looking for the answer in media and political discussions, isn't very encouraging. There we find that those who are seeking our votes and our political support act like salespeople delivering pitches to a marketplace of potential customers, rather than leaders, offering intelligent and responsible citizens formed debates based upon clear evidence and logical opposition. The difference between consumer and citizen is viable to the understanding of the causes of the degradation of our political institutions as well as our capitalism. The model consumer is motivated by the desire to maximize desired satisfaction. Values are understood as prices and willingness to pay; thus the moral values such as virtue and justice is dismissed. People with something to sell whether be a product or service, any sort of promoting will be effective toward the consumer. In contrast, the ideal citizen takes a the moral point of view, by perceiving themself as one equal member among many committed in the combined effort for a mutual advantage; community. The citizen, as a moral advocator, …show more content…

Companies stand to lose a lot of profits once the patent expires on a widely used drug. The hugely popular antidepressant Prozac was a drug about to lose its patent, so what could the company do? They didn't want to lose millions of dollars did they? The company came up with a new plan, they created a new condition, PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder), and then went to the FDA and doctors with their highly paid "experts" who convinced them that PMDD is a tragic disease. Their plan worked and got the "new" drug Sarafem (the same drug)

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