Antigone Analysis

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In Auburn University’s production of the play Antigone by Jean Anouilh, the cast depicts the story of the young and spirited girl, Antigone, and her journey to death. While the story line of the famous Antigone is an intriguing one, I am here to talk about the concepts and ideas I found behind this particular production. Some of the aspects that made a memorable performance include the settings, design, and dialogue. The first thing I noticed when I entered the theater was the light that shone through the crack in the walls of the set design. As the play continued, the colors and value of the light changed, sometimes dependent on the time of day and other times dependent on a mood or a particular event. For instance, when the play …show more content…

Another thing I want to touch base on is the dialogue in this play. Most of the scenes are lengthy and filled with strong dialogue. The performance that stuck out to me the most was Creon. The acting, expressions and tones all acted out by Creon was very powerful to watch. He marvelously flowed through his dialogue showing his reign as king but also his vulnerability when it came to his niece, Antigone and his son, Haemon. One of the things that stuck out to me the most was the long scene between Creon and Antigone. She was brought to him by the guards and they have a talk, going back and forth, about what the other should do and what they believe is right. First, I honestly am just amazed and the amount of dialogue that Creon went through durning this scene and the mind I know it has to take to get across his point as well as he could. Next, I really enjoyed seeing someone that I thought was going to be an awful character, at least try to get that point across to Antigone whether or not you can agree with him or not. The actor successfully showed the sides of Creon that you need to see to understand his character. Lastly, when the pay ended I began to think about why it was relevant. What did this play have to do with me or today’s society? I personally found this as just a relation to Antigone herself. You see this girl going through this tragic time knowing she is about to end her short life. She is leaving behind someone she loves as well as a sister and

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