Antigone Analysis

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The texts Antigone, by Sophocles and The Chosen by Chaim Potok, have similar themes. Antigone, is about a king named Creon who bans his nephew from being buried, but his sister, Antigone, buries him anyways. The Chosen, is about two boys named Danny and Reuven who become best friends despite their cultural differences. A similar theme in both of these texts is that too much pride can result in losing everything people love. The theme of the play Antigone, by Sophocles, is that too much pride and power can result in losing what people love. A battle just took place in Thebes that resulted in two brothers’ deaths. Creon, the king and also the brothers’ uncle, is an example of what happens when pride and power overtake someone’s life. Creon said, “Polynices, who returned from exile with hopes of burning his native land and ancestral gods from top to bottom, wishing to feast on kindred blood and lead the rest into slavery, it has been decreed that in this city he shall be neither buried nor mourned by anyone” (Sophocles, Scene 1, lines 202-209, pg. 20). Creon banned his own nephew from being buried because he didn’t want to appear weak and bury the enemy. He had so much pride that he wouldn’t let his own kin be buried. People tried to warn Creon that his decisions contradicted what the cultural beliefs at the time said about how burial and family are important. His own son, Haemon said “Don’t be so stubborn that you say you and you alone are right” (Sophocles, Scene 3, lines

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