Antigone And Creon Essay

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Antigone and Creon are two characters with similar personalities, which caused major uproar between the two. Both are confident and persistent in their beliefs, doing what they believe was best. Antigone was guilty in the eyes of the law because she buried her brother against Creon’s ruling. Though the law seemed inhumane, Creon set the action into effect because he wanted to maintain his image in the city’s eyes. Antigone fought for her brother’s burial because she believed that her brother deserved to end up in heaven, no matter how he died. Antigone’s actions had moral reasoning that supported her decisions, whereas Creon’s reasoning’s were harsh. Antigone shouldn’t have died over her strong beliefs.
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She believed he forgot his power on Earth would not compare to the power the gods had above all. Creon’s new authority allowed him to become overconfident. He could not lay his dominance aside to disagree with someone, especially with a woman.
Other characters publicly showed disagreement with Creon to fight for Antigone. The man who turned Antigone in did it to set himself free from working for Creon. His son was set to marry her, but Creon’s mind was made. A great prophet eventually appeared to Creon, warning him of the troubles to come if Antigone was punished, but Creon couldn’t alter his decision to look weak. He argued that the prophet was lying, “you and the whole breed of seers are mad for money” (1170). Here, he openly expressed his disbelief in the prophet because his power had gone to his head. Mainly, Creon wasn’t interested in hearing anyone’s ideas because his mind was made, just as Antigone’s was. Both characters were equally persistent in their beliefs, both willing to suffer than to be wrong. A positive trait from Creon’s actions was that he remained loyal to his city during a complex situation between his family and his job. In doing so, he pushed away his family. To avoid all conflict, he should have never banned Polynices from his burial rights, not only because he was kin, but because everyone deserved a happy ending. If he had gone down this route, some citizens may have gotten upset, but his relatives would still be alive. Creon’s

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