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Reason and truth are never based on authority. Not even a supreme ruler can decide the right and wrong things to do. Antigone, in “Antigone” is set on honroing her dead brother even if it means going against her uncle Creon, resulting in a classic father or fatherly figure daughter conflict. In Sophocles’ play “Antigone”, the combination of Antigone’s stubborn loyalty and her uncle Creon’s hubris result in the main conflict, while also demonstrating that stubornness and pride lead to destruction.

To begin, conflict between Antigone and Creon arises when Antigone blatantly disobeys her uncle’s edict due to family loyalty. For instance, when Antigone is trying to convince Ismene to help her bury Polyneices, she exclaims, “He is my brother. …show more content…

By adding this scene, Sophocles reminds his audience about the dangers and consequences of inflexibility and pride. These three instances all contribute to the conflict Antigone has with her uncle Creon, while stressing how determination and loyalty can lead to destruction.

Secondly, Creon’s massive ego is also one of the causes of the argument between him and his niece Antigone. In particular, during his formal address to the chorus, he states , “Polyneices, I say, is to have no traitor is going to be honored with the loyal man.” This statement represents the birth of Anitgone and Creon’s conflict, as it leaves Antigone torn between obeying her uncle or honoring her brother. Creon’s desire to demonstrate his power and establish his rule are the root causes of the dispute between him and his niece and unfortunately leads to hardships in both of their lives. In addition, after Creon finds out that Anitgone was the one behind Polyneices’ burial, he exclaims, “Who is the man here, she or I, if this crime goes unpunished?” Creon’s ego is bruised after he finds out Antigone has disobeyed him, revealing how important his appearance and status is to him. No matter how wrong he is in his decisions, Creon will never change what he believes is the right punishment for Antigone, which reminds the

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