What Is The First Two Page Of Antigone

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The first two pages of Antigone caught my attention for many reasons. We can see that these first two pages are a conversation between, two sisters Antigone and Ismene. As we read, we notice that they are arguing about if bury or not their brother. Antigone wants to bury him, stating that he was a good man and his body deserves a right funeral. On the other hand, Ismene understands the point of Antigone, but she prefers not do anything because she is afraid of what the king would do to them. The lines with which I feel identified are at the bottom of page 749, and they say ‘Think how much worse our deaths will be – abandoned as we are – if we defy the king’s proclamation and his power. Remember we’re women. How can we fight men? They’re stronger. We must accept these things – and worse to come.’ In these lines, I could tell how scared Ismene was, but at the same time, I understand Antigone’s point. It is the first time in this class that I have understood both sides, and I have not had a strong answer for a particular situation. I think that I feel this because if one of my brothers pass away. I would like to give him a right funeral, not because he is an excellent person, or has any extraordinary abilities, but because he is my brother. On the other hand, I understand Ismene’s point of view because I am a type of person that likes to follow the rules and more if the violation of those rules lead to severe punishments like the ones Ismene mentioned in the passage. In

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