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Antigone Study Guide Questions
Prologue and Scene One
1. What differences do you notice between Antigone and her sister, Ismene? Examine their character.

2. The action of the play begins immediately with a conflict between Antigone and Ismene. What is the cause the cause of the conflict?

2. Why do you think that Ismene will not help her sister with her plan?

3. Do you think Antigone has thought her decision through? Why or why not?

4. Why does Antigone get so angry at her sister? Do you think that Ismene is being practical or that she is being cowardly? What reasons do you have for that opinion?

5. The speeches of the Chorus and Choragus interrupt the action of the play to describe the battle to the audience. What do these city …show more content…

18. How does Creon react to Haimon’s aguments? What attitudes does Creon seem to take toward women?
19. What function does the Choragus have in this scene? Whose side, if any, is he on?

Ode Three
20. The first ode was about human strengths and limitations, the second was about fate and the vengeance of the gods. What is the subject of this ode? Which lines allude to specific characters in the play?

Scene Four
21. What comfort does the Chorus offer Antigone in this scene? Antigone thinks (in line 25) that the Chorus is making fun of her. Do you agree or disagree? Explain.

22. As Antigone faces her death, does she seem in any way changed from the way she has been in previous scenes? Explain your answer.

23. Antigone is not to be stoned to death as originally planned. Why does the form of her punishment suit Creon?

Ode Four
24. In this ode the Chorus alludes to three Greek myths that were familiar to the ancient Greek audiences. How are the fates of the characters in these myths related to Antigone’s fate?

Scene Five
25. Creon has refused to yield to the arguments of Antigone and Haimon, and at first he refuses to listen to Teiresias. Of what does he accuse Teiresias?

26. Teiresias tells Creon that the only crime is pride. How has Creon shown that he is guilty of pride?

27. Why does Creon finally give in? What part does the Choragus play in Creon’s decisions?

28. How has the character of

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