Antigone and Hobson's Choice

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Although Creon and Henry Hobson may have attained their good lives by only adhering to themselves, both demonstrate the destructive consequences of when one puts selfish intentions above all else. Creon’s downfall is contributed by his pride and unwillingness to listen to others. He realized his fault too late and ended up losing the ones closest to him. Henry Hobson was enveloped in his business and accumulating wealth, without acknowledging the hard work of his daughters or Willie Mossop. The result was having lost control of his life to Maggie.
The reason for Creon’s behavior is that he inherited a city that experienced destruction among the people and he felt it was his responsibility to restore it. He attempted to maintain stability while keeping a higher status. He first came into conflict when Antigone believed that no human law could supersede the divine law created by the Gods. Creon decreed that Polyneices was to remain unburied in order to punish the enemy of city and give a sense of justice to the mayhem caused by the civil war. She decided to disobey his edict and to defend her actions in front of the chorus and the city of Thebes. Creon did not accept the validity of her decision and was offended by her disrespect. He sees her impudence as treason and states “If you must show them friendship, go and do so down below! But while I live a woman shall not rule” (Sophocles 41). His sentence for Antigone’s death goes beyond her breaking the law, it was meant to

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