Antisemitism in the Ukraine

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Leaflets were distributed to Ukrainian Jews which is reminiscent of the Holocaust. These leaflets stated that Jews were to report their belongings and pay a fee of $50 or risk their citizenship. Where the leaflets all a ploy to stir up controversy? Some believe so. The Chief Rabbi of Ukraine gave an interview stating “I am not going to comment on the origin of this information. The Jewish community does not directly take part in political events. However the Jews as citizens do participate in the process of rebuilding the new Ukraine. Last week the Head of Ukrainian Jewish Congress, Vadim Rabinovich, and I have contacted all Rabbis of all Ukrainian regions and enquired regarding any instances of alleged anti – Semitism. Not one Rabbi reported anything out of the ordinary. There is no anti-Semitism in Ukraine, as such. However, I believe that groups interested in promoting such beliefs could find a way provoke and support such thoughts. I therefore address everyone, there is common grief and Ukraine must be rebuilt from the ruins. It is our common problem and goal. Let us not exaggerate and focus on the Jewish or anti-Semite subject.” Translated by A Vavrina. There are so many differing point of views which leave the issues very cloudy indeed. Evelina Zakamskaya, a presenter on state owned news 24 made comments while speaking to Alexsandr Prokhanov,…

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