Antitrust And Legal Of A Business Context

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Evaluate Antitrust and Legal Rights in a Business Context
Over the year’s organizations from, all parts of the world have experienced growth in the areas of business. Much of this growth is in part due to multinational companies, many of them enjoying significant benefits. One such area is investment, however it creates benefits for foreign MNCs, and it brings about concern. Perhaps the greatest fear. Fear concerning state owned corporations and the lack of effectiveness of legislation / regulatory enforcement.
One reason for the concern is the current doctrine of immunity, why this is of concern. In the world of international investment, regulations have not always been equal and perhaps in this current moment, it remains varied, at least according to regulation governing the actions of foreign organizations. In many situations, foreign organizations enjoy the benefit of complete immunity. By allowing organizations complete immunity it places businesses in somewhat of a disadvantage when it comes to settling disputes.
Over the years as well as in present time foreign states have attempted to justify total immunity based upon a variety of reasons. For example, one position taken is the basis upon the status of the quality, as it is associated to a state being independent sovereign. In addition, it is believe that one state cannot provide jurisdiction over another therefore presenting the idea of absolute immunity (Heuze & Mayer, 2007) .
In the past, disputes were…
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