Anubis Sparknotes

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Anubis is born with a disfigured face and for this her father, a cruel man, leaves her in the desert. She survives three nights there until her mother saves her. While her husband is with his other wives, Anubis’s mother raises her in secret and she grows up to be an intelligent girl. One day, her father kills her mother, prompting Anubis to kill him and run into the desert. There, she finds a group of bandits, whom she kills after they kill a young girl, a three-legged jackal, which she feels connected to, and then a group of friendly nomadic people, who eventually lead her to the city of Herat. After avoiding the judgemental people of the city, she finds herself in an artist’s colony. She meets the famous painters, Bihzad and Haji, two friendly men. She also meets Maryam, a caring artist, and Qalam or the Black Pen, a short-tempered and selfish calligraphist. In the colony she is accepted by all except Qalam and she learns much about paintings and other art forms. Then, the sultan holds an exhibition for all the great minds of Persia which includes the artists. There, Anubis and the high ranking artists are told of an imminent attack from the Turkish. Qalam imprisons Anubis and accuses her of being a spy, but Maryam…show more content…
Palacio. Wonder is about a young boy, August, who was born with extreme facial abnormalities and has to face the trials of middle school. Although the settings are very different, with Jackal in the Garden being set in 1480’s Persia and Wonder being set in present day Manhattan, the themes present are very similar. Both protagonists have disfigured faces and for this, they face criticism from others. Overall, they both have a similar transition in how they deal with these obstacles. At first, both protagonists try to cover their faces, Anubis with a cloth and August with an astronaut helmet, but by the end both barriers are gone. What is learned is that beauty is not a skin-deep
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