Anwr: Should We Drill

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Jacob Jenkins Professor Baals English 1302 October 30, 2012 ANWR: Should we drill? George F. Will article, “Being green at Ben and Jerry’s” is in a conversational manner and throughout stays that way and uses witty metaphors and sarcastic remarks throughout while poking fun at how he feels about environmentalists and are just plain mistaken when against drilling. He also finds area to state what he believes and reasons why we are not drilling and the reasons why we should be drilling. He breaks sentences down in a descriptive but a simple way of understanding just the importance of the topic and makes it seem like a beneficial opportunity but one that is being wasted. Will feels the size of the area being drilled is minuscule …show more content…

The evidence I wished he would conveyed is the actual damage drilling was causing and the cost of drilling really accounts to. Overall, I was not intrigued or captured and I feel that Hill was right about the self-indulgence of the environmentalist because I feel Ritzman is as well. The next article supports drilling in ANWR and it is written by Doc Hastings and the article title is, “Forget 10 Years--Drilling ANWR Would Pay Off Right Away.” Right away, Doc goes for the struggles of the

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