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Executive summary This project has focused to achieve three objectives which are mentioned at objectives part. Findings of these objectives have described on three different chapters respectively. Directors of Jessop ltd wants to know how a management accountant can contribute on Jessop’s continuous growth. I find on my study strategic management is very likely forward looking not like traditional cost accounting. Strategic management accounting is considering external factors like competitors and management accounting contributes not only strategy developing also critically evaluates the current strategy of any organisation. In addition, management accountant can assist to control costs by implementing activity based costing methods,…show more content…
In addition, it does not assist to make big decision such as acquire new company or launch new product or shut down any business unit. On the other hand, strategic management accounting (SMA) is external focused, gives long term view and forward looking which assist any company’s management to decide big strategy like whether a company should go for market or product development, or acquire new business unit etc. According to pioneer writer of SMA Simmond (1981) SMA gives importance on information that relates to external factors to the firm along with non financial information and internally generated information. 2.2 Role of Management Accountant in context of Jessop 2.2.1 Developing Strategy Jessop ltd is a fast growing medium advertising and public relation company which run by four different directors (all of them are marketing expert). As all of them are marketing expert, it is expected that all of them are really good in business operation means making popular advertise or the best communication method to mass population to attract more customers. Operational level strategy and corporate strategy is completely different even though success of corporate strategy depends on operational strategy. Corporate strategy deals with industry where it operates and operational strategy focus how can provide

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