Apocalypse Now Case Study

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Leaving Vietnam ala Apocalypse Now, in a helicopter soaring over the water to an aircraft carrier in 1975, is definitely the best way to get out of a war zone, in style. Diem (pronounced Ziim, later changed to Ziem) Nguyen grew up in a Buddhist family, that spoke Vietnamese and basic French. As a child, Ziem lived in a four-story house in Ho Chi Minh City, on the south side of Vietnam. Her dad worked as a pharmacist on the first floor of the building. When she was too young to go to school, she spent her days sitting on a tall stool greeting customers, always with a smile. As Ziem got older, she started “diagnosing” the customers’ illnesses when they walked in the door, suggesting drugs to help them, but the customers thought it was more cute than practical. On the second floor was a lab where her dad made the medications that he would later sell. Her family lived on the third and fourth floors of the building. Outside of Ziem’s house was a city where car …show more content…

They stayed there for about four months then she was matched with her family's sponsor, four churches from Mount Vernon, Iowa. During her four-month stay in Fort Chaffee, she slept in dorm style rows of buildings with lines of bunk beds on top of bare floors. Her oldest sister (whom I was put on the phone with to make sure the facts were correct) had just gotten married. She left Vietnam later than Ziem and took a completely different route. But coincidentally, her sister also ended up in Fort Chaffee out of three camps that she could have picked. In her first few days in Iowa, Ziem was introduced to Cup of Noodles. The Americans in the camp thought that it would “make her feel more comfortable.” Only about four months after she moved to the US, she started to get a grasp on English but was still placed in second grade (one grade below what she would have been in for her age). She had a tutor, Mrs. Stoner (not a joke) who helped her learn

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