Apollo 13: A Short Story

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“I hate you,” she said softly into her microphone. At first I wasn’t sure if she meant for me to hear that but before I could stop myself I heard my own voice. “I know.” Honestly, I hated her too and I didn’t know what I was thinking when I decided to come with her. I guess I just thought she needed protection. That’s a brother’s job right? To protect his little sister. I don’t know how else to explain it.
We were to be the first civilians in space and although she hated that I had insisted on coming there was no way I could say no to such an amazing offer. We took off accompanied by two astronauts with a mission of landing on Mars, spending a week there, and returning. Going into the whole thing I was overly confident and very anxious. I …show more content…

“I mean look at Mars. It’s so close. We almost made it.” for a few seconds we just stared at the beautiful planet in silenced by its wonder.
“Maybe we could get closer,” she said encouragingly. “Enough to catch a bit of its gravity you know, pull ourselves in or something. Nevermind that’s stupid we would definitely die then.”
“Yea I guess.”
“You know, like in Apollo 13, they try to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere and the ship is burning up. We don’t even have a ship anymore.”
There was an eerie silence for a minute or so. I didn’t respond. I couldn’t. I couldn’t process what was happening. I just stared at her. A faint white blur in the distance growing smaller. I wanted to go to her. To protect her like I promised I would do, but I could only float away. I couldn’t bring myself to look back at her so instead I turned to look at the fading wreck that had once been our ship. The small asteroid that had collided with it was completely destroyed as well. I wished it had killed us on impact. So we didn’t have to float to our deaths. We didn’t deserve this. “How long will the oxygen last?” Her voice pierced through the quiet, forcing me to abandon my thoughts. “Not more than an hour. Maybe less actually. I don’t think the tanks were full when we

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