Appaloosa Plains: A Short Story

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It’s currently 2016. I’m standing alone in Salt Lake City; Appaloosa Plains. I will always want to see if anybody is being a victim of false claims. Now I want to know if you are currently a victim of someone framing you? It’s kind of weird that a picture frame that looks like me would stare at me so creepily. The police department now believes that I’m the person who is planning a bomb. My gut is telling me that someone is planning to frame me so I’m venturing off to find the person who is backstabbing me. BOOM! My eyes were wiped out. “Aaah!” As I’m screaming for my life to not end. Luckily, I’m laying on a big pile of concrete and rocks. ‘STAY DOWN’! The police chief says. I quickly ran into the FBI truck and disguise myself as an FBI employee. I’m running as fast as the swiftness of light. As I got to a house, the FBI are surrounding 127 Fake Avenue. As I was trapped, I pulled out a gun pointing it to at the house. After minutes of trying, the FBI stopped.…show more content…
“Phew!” I say. Tasting the sweat made me feel reliving. One month is already passing and the FBI are still framing me. Hopefully I will find out who the framer is In the meantime, my back pocket is buzzing. I’m trying to pull out my phone. As I’m grabbing my phone I’m saying “Hello???” A deep voice was saying “Hello Alex.” After the freaky deep voice, I gave them a silence response. Instantly I hung up with no idea who the guy is. I am under tree all alone standing in the middle of nowhere thinking I really want my mom now. Hoping I could ring her right now, I had no phone service. Seeing the alert made me wonder how I could answer the anonymous call? Something told me that there were some strange things happening. I went into the men's public restroom. Disguising myself again in a FBI suit. I had a gun in my
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