Appiah Racial Identity

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The Misconceived Relations Between Race, Culture, and Identity While reading “Racial Identities”, the author, Kwame Anthony Appiah, finds himself within the different ways of speaking and thinking. Appiah writes as a philosopher meaning that he writes from within ideas, specifically, from within strings of thought. Even though it does not look like he is very supportive of those thoughts, he is just portraying them to everyone. He is trying to experiment with the consequences and limits to show where they would lead to. Appiah expresses his concern for multiculturalism by stressing the options of keeping a pluralistic culture of numerous sub-cultures and identities while maintaining the political and civil practices that carries national …show more content…

Even though there are set values that are universally known to the public, people do not always follow those values within their groups. However, these people have to act in conformity and abide by the values in public. Although everyone assumes that “imagined communities” contain a common culture, in reality, they really do not due to the fact that there are many body of ideas and practices that are not shared. Many languages are spoken and countless number of religions are practiced in various countries, so these make the “common culture” idea a misconception among citizens of different countries. For example, people tend to think that America consists of culture that is common, but they do not know if the beliefs, values, and practices are universally shared by all Americans. Nonetheless, there was a time when a dominant culture in the United States actually existed. It was during when the religion of Christianity was prominent and when many countries in Europe spoke the English language. It should be known that black Americans, Chinese-Americans, and white Americans have a common culture because of everything they do and do not share. From the common culture would arise the social identity, which can cause problems in diversity. Diversity can be an issue because of the ignorance of all the contrasting values. These issues arise because racial and ethnic identities are compared to one another and both can also relate to genders and sexualities. Nevermore, distinct genders and sexualities often live together now with the same knowledge and values and can still grow into opposite racial identities. Ethnic identities are so different since they are created in family and community life and people want the solidarity from being unique to one

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