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As the first of the World’s Most Innovative Companies (Business week, 2010) and the 17th of the Best Global Brands (Interbrand, 2010), Apple has succeeded in strategic leadership and innovation, which has drawn attention from the world recently. This essay focuses on some key issues of Apple’s innovation. It begins with analyzing the key features of Apple Inc by Porter’s five forces and Kay’s distinctive capabilities. Then, the evaluations of the CEO Steve Jobs as the strategic leader and explanations of Apple’s …show more content…

Speaking of management innovation, after Steve job's employment, Apple's management style is successfully transformed from relaxed style to controlled one.

Evaluation of Steve Jobs as a strategic leader

Steve Jobs is known to be eccentric when it comes to strategy and business because he strives to become a market leader by dominating the competitors in customer loyalty, distribution and coverage, perceived value, price, profit and promotional spending. This is evident when we compare Apple and Microsoft because when Microsoft shows profit by sheer quantity, Apple competes strongly with the quality of its products and services.

As an innovative leader, Steve Jobs is legendary which is reflected on his company motto “Think different!” Rethinking, reinventing and revitalizing are the three main ways of doing business according to Steve Jobs. Simplicity and innovation in terms of the product range gave Steve Jobs the edge over other competitors. A well-known

example for this is the annual launch of new and updated versions of the iPod with a simple change in colour, form-factor and memory capacity. His risk-taking approach to business is believed to be unique making him an epitome of courage. His idea of self-belief and a vision enabled him to lead a great career life.

He believes in investing in new innovative products and services that are built on existing technologies to create a “customer and

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