Application Of A Dental Office Essay

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There are several factors to consider when operating a successful dental office. While certain details may differ from office to office, generally most, if not all dental offices are relatively parallel. To understand the similarities and difference, an observation was conducted at two different dental offices; for the sake of confidentiality they will be known as ‘Office A’ and ‘Office B’. During the observation, four different priorities were noted for observation; office management, chairside assistant role, communication and teamwork, and lastly client rapport. Office Management is crucial to the operations of a dental office as it is the first point of contact with the patient. Office A handled their office activities well, when patients first walk through the door of the dental office they were not initially greeted by the receptionist, however, once the patient approached the front desk it was then that they were greeted and checked in, at this point the patients were asked to take a seat. Office B on the other hand, greets all patients the moment they walk through the door, the receptionist is pleasant, polite, friendly, and always greeted patients with a smile. Both offices A and B are well organized, and everything was labelled so as not to cause confusion or wonder. It appeared that Office A was a great deal busier as there were two receptionists to take on the patient workload. Office B, however, had only the one receptionist, who in addition had the

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