My Philosophy Statement Jessica Baise

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Philosophy Statement Jessica Baise

A career in healthcare has always been an interest of mine. Making a difference is someone?s health was a very important aspect of my career choice. Dental Hygiene has been top of the list since I was a younger child. I was one of those children who loved going to the dentist. I was always amazed by what was going on in the dentist office whether it be the dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant. Becoming a young adult and noticing the appearance of others, the smile was and still is the first thing I notice on another individual. Everyone does not have the beautiful smile that society expects; so being the one to improve that and make a difference I feel is an awesome career choice. …show more content…

I feel each appointment time should be schedule according to each individual patient not everyone as a whole. Patient education has become very important to me since I have been in dental hygiene school, therefore there needs to be time allowed for that. Working for a practice that feels like family with their patients is important. I want to build that one on one relationship with my patients over the years. Having the up to date equipment and instruments that you need to perform the best dental hygiene care is another thing I will seek while looking for employment. I agree that practices should follow a budget, but being up to date on new technology to better treat your patients could be the growth of a practice. Team work is a must, I have worked in a practice that had excellent team work and another that did not. I strongly feel without team work there is not much success. There are many charities in the world that need our help, working for a dentist that gives back to charity would be a heartfelt reason as to why I would support that practice. There are many people who just cannot afford dental work; having the assurance of being able to help individuals like that. After working for a dentist who did no free or reduced price work at all, then working for one who did tons of free work or made things possible for patients to afford was definitely an eye opener for myself. Sharing the blessings that you I gained is something I want to do each day of

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