Application Of An Algorithm For Hand Gesture Recognition

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1. INTRODUCTION In this Project design and implementation of an algorithm for hand gesture recognition will be done and we will explore its application in Banking Security. This system will have the wired mode of control and the webcam of the laptop will be used for image acquisition. This Project describes Security system using Hand gestures using a novel algorithm that can be used for Banking Security. At the time of robbery in bank, by making a cross hand gesture by any employer or customer, the doors of the bank will get closed and the nearby police station will be informed about the robbery. It is very important for every bank to provide security to their customers and employees, so the main purpose of the project is to provide security to the customers and employees of the bank. At the time of robbery in bank, the money of the bank and the life of the customers and the employees are at risk, this project will use hand gesture recognition technique to recognize the special hand gesture of the employees so that nearby police can be informed about the robbery just by recognizing that special hand gesture. In this project we will use laptop web camera to acquire image of the gesture. We will use the skin color detection technique as it can detect different skin colors under cluttered background .The segmentation considered as an open issue problem itself. The color space used in a specific application plays an essential role in the success of segmentation process,
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