Application Paper : Mean Girls

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Application Paper: Mean Girls Introduction Mean Girls follows the story of Cady Heron, who is starting her first year in a public high school after being homeschooled while living in Africa (Michaels & Waters, 2004). She initially befriends two “outcasts”, Janis and Damien, but then is introduced to an elite popular group of girls named “The Plastics.” When these girls decide to befriend Cady, Cady is convinced by Janis and Damien to spy on the Plastics while pretending to be their friend. When Regina George, the leader of the clique, betrays Cady by kissing the boy Cady likes, the trio enforces a plot for revenge, by slowly dismantling Regina’s social life. However, the longer Cady is inside the clique, the further she adopts their personality traits, and pushes away her true friends. Through this transformation, Cady becomes more so like the clique’s leader, Regina George. As Cady enacts her revenge and Regina loses her status, the two followers, Gretchen and Karen, begin to see Cady as the new leader. When Regina discovers of this, she initiates a series of events that ultimately cause the girls of North Shore High School to fight one another. After the girls of the high school resolve their differences, Cady realizes her true personality, and apologizes to those she hurt. The film concludes with the social lives of North Shore’s students falling back into balance, and Cady resuming to her natural self. Discussion The portion of Cady’s life represented in the film
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