Mean Girls Culture

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The movie Mean Girls follows Cady Heron as she experiences high school for the first time in her life. As she is thrown into a new society, this film provides the opportunity to socially analyze high school. From figuring out her new culture and society that she is engrossed in to realizing how social status can both negatively and positively affect her values and beliefs, there are many concepts that Cady learns and is taught as she makes her way through her first year of public school. The culture, or characteristics that are within a group, at Northshore High School, where Cady starts attending, is based on material items of social status and popularity at the beginning of the film. The language the girls use towards one another is rude and meant to bring each other down. By the end, the culture has changed to more nonmaterial items, such as accepting people for who they are, and the girls address one another positively through compliments and smiles. This culture, along with other ideas, is something that Cady has to learn as it is different from what she experienced in Africa.
Cady is used to living in a society, or a group of people that share the same beliefs and values as her, where adults trusted her, and she had the freedom to do almost anything she wanted. When she switched from homeschool to public high school, she was met with a new set of norms, or the behaviors that are expected by teachers and peers. Cady could not go to the restroom whenever she want; she

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