Applications Of Machiavelli 's The Prince

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Applications of Machiavelli’s The Prince, in General Electric
General Electric has had exceptional leadership that has kept the company at the top of their business. This success is attributed to both individual efforts to spur the corporation and the consequential results achieved collectively. GE has established the entire organization based on creativity and innovation, as they tend to inspire the public and improve their present lifestyles. However, this subject needs thorough discussion by distinguishing between standalone innovators and the one who rely on others, that is, gauging the difference between the leaders who accomplish their purposes through force or those who use persuasion (Machiavelli, p.21). This ideology of GE has …show more content…

He simply says that the firm was at risk of losing its market share to its competitors in more than a few areas, mentioning that only the motors, lighting, as well as the power systems trailed at first and second place in their corresponding markets. He also said, on the other hand, that the economy was changing from local prominence to international recognition. Moreover, in the foreign markets, the only part of their business that led was the gas turbine unit (Slater, p. 9).
Another characteristic desirable by a leader as displayed by most CEOs of General Electric, according to Machiavelli, was being feared rather than loved. He reiterated that a feared leader gains more admiration and is at the end of the day less harsh than a leader who strives to acquire love. A feared leader like Jack Welch upheld respect by making illustrations of only a few instances that needed intervention in the organization. On the other hand, leaders who endeavor to receive the love and admiration constantly lose respect and tolerate communities to incline into chaos (“murder and rapine”). As soon as such circumstances come into play, the leaders resort to radical and universally ferocious solutions to reestablish order. Consequently, it is better to murder a few people than to be forced to abolish an entire city. Most essentially, a feared leader has less motive to concern himself about wrongs. Men are less expected to attack a feared leader compared to

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