Applying My Sociological Imagination Permits Me From Saigon City, Vietnam Essay

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My name is Phat Lam and I came from Saigon City, Vietnam. I have immigrated to California with my parent for almost three years and I am now living with them. I didn 't understand how much my background and life chances are extraordinarily affected by numerous complex sociological factors before I am taking Sociology. I understand now that using my sociological imagination permits me to interface my own encounters, practices, and behaviors to the bigger social structure. A portion of the sociological topics that show in my life are the means by which ethnocentrism, social mobility, Cooley’s looking-glass self theory, minority group,peer group, and social institution have assumed a part in adding to my sociological autobiography.
I thought in robust family ties and togetherness in each exact and awful instances. My own family’s reputation is an fundamental part of the Vietnamese culture, wherein the popularity of one member of the family is a symbol of the entire own family’s popularity. For that reason, most families in Vietnam are very cautious in their kids upbringing, as they may be judged based totally on the overall performance of their children inside the society.
Being raced ethnically white at the same time as performing as racially Asian made it puzzling for me to discern out the individual I desired to grow to be. There have been regularly I felt not as good as my pals and people around me. In fact, whites have been nearly taken into consideration as a superior

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