Apprehensiveness In Military

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While in the battle of Fredericksburg in 1862, Brewster became ill and was unable to fight. He writes home that “I never felt so mean in my life…I lie here like a sulking coward and hear the din of battle (Blight 65). Although Brewster was severely ill and would likely die if he joined battle that day, he was still willing to risk his life and fight alongside his comrades due to the pride he has formed for his country, and personal dignity being put on the line. He even writes that “I am scared most to death every battle we have,” but that fear was unable to prevent him from fighting valiantly. Therefore, after reading this, I could see that most soldiers in battle at the time did, in fact, possess great pride, but an underlying wave of apprehensiveness …show more content…

What is different here, is that their pride is backed by religious faith. This “faith” in something greater than themselves, therefore, allowed troops to deal with the “real fear” of wartime. Looking closer at religious beliefs of the time, I have uncovered the excerpt in this text titled, Religion, Benevolent Organizations, and Union Sailors during the Civil War, by Michael Bennett. He stresses how during the Civil War, “Union soldiers regularly possessed access to the rudimentary articles of religious expression” insisting that “religious access not be lost to the evils of camp life and the despair of war” (Bennett 221). Having faith in God during such difficult times in the lives of Union gave them hope that they can conquer the horrors of war. As a result, faith was one of the driving forces behind a soldier’s ability to push their fighting efforts, in an attempt to better the country they loved, and for their families back home. However, I also found that faith served the purpose of granting troops an outlet to cope with the fear that they experienced during the Civil War. With a belief in God, soldiers felt as though they were protected from death or injury by a spiritual force. While fear was a common experience for most soldiers in battle, faith allowed them to press on so that they could preserve their most prized values, whether that be their homeland, or

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