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APUSH PROMPT I’m Afghan, and me and my siblings are first generation born in America. I do not pass as white, and neither do any of my family members. We have dark hair, olive toned skin, and are all very hairy. Every single one of us. Knowing I look different than my peers has contributed to a feeling of otherness whenever I’m around my friends who do look traditionally white. It’s an uneasy feeling that is hard to push away and always lingers. However, I haven't always felt like this. When I was in kindergarden I was a big fan of skirts. I wore them all the time. One time, i was sitting down when we had some free time and I remember looking at my bare legs. At the time, It took me a moment to realize my legs looked very different from the …show more content…

She was my dad’s mom, and we used to call her Bebe Hajji as a sign of respect for a elders who has completed a pilgrimage to Mecca. Bebe Hajji passed away from gallbladder cancer, and it was a very surreal time in not only my life, but my family’s as well. I don’t actually remember that much about her before she was admitted to the hospital, only when she was. I remember what she looked like, I remember what her lap felt like when she’d hold me, but I do not remember her voice. When she was in the hospital I never quite grasped what was going on, I knew she was dying, but i dont think i ever knew what death was. After her funeral I was sad, but i kept waitin for the other shoe o drop. I didn't know how to grieve, I was nine, I went back to school and i didn't cry when i told other people what happened, and i didn't cry at her memorial. As i've gotten older, it's stuck with me more and more. When I was in middle school i felt exponential guilt, about my lack of tears when i was younger. I felt like I hadn't lover her enough and as a result been unable to grieve. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized people deal with death differently, and to be fair, I was nine. This year, I decided to join the wrestling team. I am a very unskilled wrestler. I’m not saying this to tear myself, it’s just true. However, I do love the sport, and would like to continue wrestling throughout High School. When I first joined, I was unable to take down a single boy on my team. Not even a single one. By the end of the season, the boy who I had been unable to pin once the first month I was able to pin half the times we wrestled by that last month. This was a lesson in hard work, and the fact that I am able to beat up boys (and girls). Those two things have given me lots of

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