Arabic Education : My Passion To Learning Arabic

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My passion to learning Arabic started by my father’s decision to put me through an education system where both English and Arabic alphabets are taught. At first I would not agree with his decision since Gambia is an Anglophone country, and therefore there is going to be very minimal opportunity with a degree in foreign language beside English which is the official language. My father told me in our native Mandinka something I will never forget “Ousman ETEH DOYAA BAATALLEH, EMANG DUNIYA LONG FOLLO, BARI EBA ARAB KARANGHO NAFA JEHLALLEH NYATO” (Ousman you are very young, you have no idea about the world yet, but you will see the importance of Arabic education in the future.” Now that I chose a minor in Arabic and I found out that yes maybe I was born to be an Arabic language specialist because I just love the language and enjoy reading literatures, songs and Arabic poetries. Now that I am almost done with my political science and a minor in Arab studies this spring, I decided to further my study of Arabic to the higher level. From all what I have read and heard about Georgetown University and your Arab studies and an advanced Arabic text books printed in Georgetown especially after I have read the “Advanced Media Arabic”, I said to myself well here is my school if I am given the opportunity my Arab Studies and political science education that will help me help those in need of the same opportunity in the future be it academic institutions or various government

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