Arc Of Justice : A Saga Of Race, Civil Rights, And Murder

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Anna Raisch
Professor Hagood
Michigan History
10 November 2015
Arc of Justice Analysis
Bibliography: Boyle, Kevin. Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age. Henry Holt and Company, 2004.
I. Thesis:
a) I believe that the author’s motivation for writing the book was to shine a light on an important historical event. Arc of Justice was the first book written to document the story of the Sweet family. Not only does the story explain the trial of Ossian and Gladys Sweet regarding their home, but is also a testament to the terrors of racial prejudice.
b) How does the case of Ossian and Gladys Sweet reveal the racism of the 1920s and affect other African American people?
c) As shown in Arc of Justice, Ossian’s life and trial reveal racism in occupations, politics, the education system, and the housing market; however, it also was a beacon of hope for his race as the trial resulted in a victory.
d) This question is important because it first reveals how American cities “simmered with hatred, deeply divided as always…. Time and again in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, urban white proved themselves capable of savagery toward their black neighbors…” (6). Unless documented in novels such as Arc of Justice, the deep racism and brutal mistreatment of black people in the past may fade away from memory. The question is also important because it explains how “the Sweet case did help move America away from the brutal intolerance of the

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