Are Black Holes The Same?

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Are all black holes the same?


Once confined to science fiction and a mere mathematical prediction in general relativity by Einstein in 1916 (although he didn’t believe they were possible) and still believed theoretical only 30 years ago, black holes are now believed to be in among the millions within the Universe. Furthermore latest research predicts there is one in the centre of most galaxies and they are seen as the ultimate governing body in the formation and destruction of the galaxy. But are these black holes fundamentally different to others within the galaxy? [1]


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For smaller stars when the nuclear fuel is exhausted and there are no more nuclear reactions opposing gravity the repulsive forces among the electrons within the star eventually generate enough pressure to prevent further gravitational collapse. The star then starts to cool and “die peacefully” comparatively, this type of star is called a white dwarf. When a very massive star about fifteen times the mass of the Sun collapses after it has exhausted its nuclear fuel it explodes as a supernova (currently the largest explosions that are known to take place in space) eventually forming a black hole. [1.1][2]

The second type is supermassive black holes which tend to be around 100 million times the mass of the Sun, these are believed to be found at the centre of most galaxies, with our own galaxy the Milky Way having a supermassive black hole Sagittarius A* with a mass of 4 million times the mass of the Sun at its centre. There are many theories as to how supermassive black holes are formed and astrophysicists are yet to agree on a consensus theory.[2][4]

One popular theory that involves a large gas cloud which before the first stars were formed which collapsed into a quasi-star. With an initial mass of that of around 20 solar masses meaning the supermassive black hole starts off as an intermediate black hole and whether it will develop into a supermassive black hole

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