Are Electromagnetic Field Melt Metal Screw Nuts ( Zinc, Brass, And Stainless Steel

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Research Question and Engineering Goal: Can an electromagnetic field melt metal screw nuts (zinc, brass, and stainless steel)? Our engineering goal is to create a device that will form an electromagnetic field that has the ability to melt an assortment of metals. It might look like magic; however, it is just science! Background: Electromagnetic Field: (noun) a field that is made up of associated electric and magnetic components that result from the motion of an electric charge. It also possesses a definite amount of electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, is sometimes referred to as radiation. We are exposed to EMFs almost all the time. Almost all of the electronics or powered devices have some sort of electromagnetism in them. This includes your cell phone, kitchen appliances, television, lights, and computer. Electric door bells also use electromagnetic fields. When the button is pushed it signals for the coil to get electrified, then the bell sounds all because of the electromagnetic force. Perhaps the most well known application in society is Japan’s magnetically levitating bullet train. It’s capable of going up to 500 km/h without even touching the tracks. They have used the idea of electromagnetism to make magnets instead of wheels that have the ability to propel the train along with the help of electricity. This train is the fastest of it’s kind so far, but the idea is sure to spread because of the possibilities (which seem

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