Are Fathers Truly Necessary? This Question Has Been The

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Are fathers truly necessary? This question has been the catalyst to one of the most controversial debates in America. Before one can adequately answer this question we must first define the words “father” and “necessary”as it is used in this context. According to Merriam Webster father is defined as “a man who has begotten a child.” If we go by the definition provided by Webster then father refers to a child’s “Biological” male parent. Necessary is defined as something “required to be done, achieved or present.” To say that something is required means that you can not move forward without this component. The idea of not having biological father was once frowned upon in society, but over time has increasingly become more accepted in society …show more content…

Some professional women find themselves making higher salaries than their male counterparts . This allows them to be able to provide for their families by themselves. Even for those women who may be struggling, -there is access to government assistance to help alleviate some of the financial burden. The government provides housing, childcare and food stamps to those mothers who need it. For some of these aids it is only given to those who are single mothers. All of these aids eliminate some of the economic burdens created by an absent father.
According to “Beyond The Nuclear Family: An Evolutionary Perspective On Parenting,’ written by Rebecca Sears, she believes that fathers are necessary for the emotional development of a child, just as much as the mother. However, single mother households usually have family members or friends who shower the child with love just like the father. For example a young boy may develop an extremely tight bound with his uncle or older cousin who shows him love or attention. One must also take into consideration the damage that some children experience as a result of a relationship with their father. In an article written by Derek Whitney, “Why Is It So Hard for Men to Cry,” it talks about how fathers have been the reason behind why young boys do not express themselves and some have physiological issue. For ages men have used the phrase “men don’t cry” or “crying is for girls,

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