Are Social Networks Helping or Hindering Communication?

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Description of what you are bringing to table? I am looking into this topic of social networking since I am very interested in web development. I wanted to examine some of the popular social networking sites and their underlying technologies and framework. Since I am interested in web development I wanted to examine the web technologies used to implement and the run the services companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I think there are plenty of discussions on social networking and how it is affecting news platforms, education, businesses and the everyday citizen. Social networking has changed the way people communicate with each other everyday. Posting a tweet about your day or something that happened on Twitter encourages your followers to reply, which starts a conversation. By clicking on a trending topic on Twitter a user can learn about important issues happening in the world if they are not near a news source. Social networking has helped with globalization and making the world seem a little smaller. Facebook is the number one site that has the most security issues and people have said they felt it is the biggest security risk and yet they still continue to use it. People use social networking sites to feel included without actually having to spend time with other people. In a way I look at this issue in a more social aspect. Some questions that have arisen are: • Are social networking sites helping or hindering communication? • Is social media pushing us

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