Are The Most On Values For Making Decisions?

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I would rely the most on values for making decisions. For example, a public administrator is faced with the challenge of reducing poverty by a certain degree. Information and facts are relevant in developing the best program. Research on facts and history should be done to select the best way to achieve the goal of reducing poverty for that city or town. All possible policy alternatives are outlined and rated. The best alternative is chosen from options like work-relief programs, higher welfare payments and government subsidies. Our texts refers to this as rational decision making (Stillman, 2009).
In reality, administrators have limited time and resources available to spend on research, and information is almost always not readily available. In fact, according to Stillman, public administrators are usually told to not approach a decision this way because they are constrained to only a few alternatives among the many that can be visualized. A combination of education, available information, ethical values and instinct will be necessary to make good decisions.
Effective administrators practice good values like honesty and integrity while making decisions based on solid information and following legislative rules. Decision making should be based upon professional, scientific and moral reasoning. Public Administration serves the goods and needs of the citizens, and the success of an organization relies heavily on personnel with strong value systems. “How can an administrator

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