Are Vaccines Really Safe

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When you start looking into the safety and effectiveness of vaccines you will see the same claims or statements meant to show why vaccines are absolutely safe, effective and 100% necessary. However, when you take time to look at the claims with logic and common sense, you find the claims foundations are often built on logical fallacies. Yet, people will use these statements while trying to prove vaccines are safe.

Therefore, I felt it was prudent to step away from my normal vaccine articles focusing on the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines; or the corruption in the industry; or the draconian and tyrannical bills popping up across the States trying to force vaccinate those who don't worship at the altar of the all-mighty vaccine, and …show more content…

Until then, there is absolutely know way to conclude just how much it is happening. Although, when you spend enough time researching this, you will come across so many people telling the same story about their child changing almost over night -- later to be diagnosed with austism or other debilitating chronic disorders -- that you will conclude that this is not as rare as we are being told it is by the vaccine industry, governmental regulatory agencies, and the media.

Moreover, the unconstitutional vaccine court, has given out over 3 billion dollars to people who were vaccine injured, in less than 3 decades of their existence! Incidentally, the court has given out a few million in at least two cases for vaccines causing autism, despite claims of there being no vaccine-autism connection! This is no surprise to those who have read my article called "Is There a Vaccines-Autism Connection?", in which I show a vaccine label that actually admits the vaccine is known to cause …show more content…

The cliff notes are, there is only a dozen or so studies that look into synergistic relationships of chemicals in the body, zero of which are on vaccines specifically. However, the studies did look at relationships between few toxins found in vaccines, like aluminum and mercury, which showed terrifying results. Moreover, the hormones estrogen and testosterone have very polarized relationships with things like mercury and aluminum. Specifically, estrogen seems to lessen the toxic effects, while testosterone greatly enhances

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