Are We Really Preparing Our Students At Be The Leaders Of Tomorrow?

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Are we really preparing our students to be the leaders of tomorrow? Twelve years of teaching experience in public and private Christian schools scattered across three continents and three U.S. states has blessed me with a diverse perspective on education. One issue that has always bothered me is students who are passed from grade to grade without the necessary academic knowledge. Are students who cannot adequately read, write and do math really being prepared to be effective leaders for their family and community? Thirteen years of classroom experience makes me call into question whether all the students in my classrooms have gained the academic knowledge that they need to be positive role models and community leaders. Evidence-based practice may be one means by which teachers can more effectively reach the students of today. Today’s Christian educator has the opportunity to do what no other generation of educators could: use research evidence to inform how we educate and work with diverse and sometimes difficult students. Teaching in Africa was my first experience as an educator and the joy I discovered in the classroom led me to a lifelong love for students. Africa also introduced me to the importance of evidence-based practice. I clearly remember an incident during my first year of teaching in Africa. Our Academic Dean, a young English woman, sat me down in our small school library and explained to me the importance of differentiated instruction. As a first year teacher

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