Are Women Just as Violent as Men? Essay

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In our debate we discussed whether women are just as violent as men. The pro side of the debate said yes women are just as violent as men, and the opposing side said men are more violent than women. In the yes side of the debate violence was described as physical and emotional assaults. As in violent acts carried out with the intention of causing another person physical pain or injury, no matter whether actual injury occurs, and any unjust, cruel act, or maltreatment of another human being. In the no side of the debate violence was just described as physical assaults, and not emotional assaults. This paper will discuss both sides of the debate, and the pros and cons of the arguments made by both sides.
The pro side of the debate used the
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The pro side also found out in one survey men and women reported approximately equal rates of being assaulted by their partner, for three types of assault, slapping, hitting, and kicking. This survey was done in Australia, but the results found were in line with American data, which also show no significant differences (Headey, Scott, & Vaus, 1999). The no side also used their introduction to state what research they had found. One fact the no side discovered was that if a boy sees his father be violent while he grows up, he is more likely to be violent to his future partner. The no side also found studies that stated men inflicted more serious injuries to women, than women do to men.
In the defense and critique part of the debate the yes side said men are at least as likely as women to be victims of domestic assaults that lead to injury and pain. In defense, the no side said men inflict more serious injuries than women. However, research by the yes side states that consistent with victimization rates the results here suggest that women inflict serious injuries at least as frequently as men (Arriaga, & Oskamp, 1999). The yes side also stated men are considered more violent, because of underreporting. This is because if men report being hit or injured by a woman they will be considered less masculine, and wimpy. Police are also less likely to arrest a
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