Are You A Freelance Writer Looking For A Challenge?

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Are you a freelance writer looking for a challenge?
Are you a fast and accurate writer?
Are you tired of making the least amount for your writing?
Then ArticleBunny might have something for you.
What is ArticleBunny?
ArticleBunny is a site where writers offer their services to clients. ArticleBunny is a spinoff of Bunny which is a voiceover company launched in 2012. ArticleBunny was launched as recently as June 2015 with clients all over the world looking for those writers with proficiency in English. They are seeking writers who demonstrate professionalism, speed, availability, good communication, and creativity.
Based on the client’s needs, ArticleBunny will match the writer to the client. The types of writing offered are:
• blog articles
• listicles
• news articles
• academic writing
• marketing content
• SEO content
How Does ArticleBunny Work?
The writers at ArticleBunny are very carefully screened and have been through a series of assessments and tests upon applying. ArticleBuny wants to maintain a high level of professionalism and not only exceed the clients’ expectations, but also deliver the work on time and to their specifications. Less than 1 writer out of 10 will get accepted upon applying. So be prepared that the standards are rather high, much more so than content mills if you are used to writing for those.
The client may also request unlimited revisions as long as the revisions are within the scope of the original project. In other words, the

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