Are You Going To College Yes Or No?

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College, yes or no?

You're getting closer and closer to senior year and you are trying to determine whether or not you're going to college or go straight to getting a job and starting your life. College isn't just a choice, it's the beginning of a life long journey, it will determine your future decisions, choices, and purposes. There are so many decisions and you can't seem to come to a conclusion of what you want to do. A college degree is very valuable and the education provided is very useful towards your future, you will also have more opportunities and benefits than a person with only a high school diploma.

College is a way everyone can support themselves and their families. College opens many doors and possibilities for anyone's future, there aren't many downsides at all for going to college. In the article “New school year, old story: Education pays”, states in the second paragraph, “workers with a bachelor's degree, for example, earned about $415 more a week than workers whose highest level of education is a high school diploma.” This is significant because in the future it will be very effective to support …show more content…

You will inspire them to achieve what you have and more. In an article called, “Mom Dad as College Student: Why you're a Great Example for your kids.” By Michaele Charles states, “Kids are receptive and easily influenced. They see how you act and they think it's okay, even if it isn't. They watch what you do, and think doing the same way is the best approach… There's no better way to teach your child about the importance of a college education than to get one yourself.” This shows that attending to college before you have children or even while you have children will make them want to go to college and is a lot easier to convince them to go to college if you have the experience yourself. Not everyone believes the same

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