College Is Necessary for a Successful Future Essay

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Isn’t twelve plus years of school enough? Who needs college anyway? Working a nine to five job with no chance of a promotion would not be that bad, would it? Do not deny, this is not the desired lifestyle of most young adults. Clearly, the way to achieve a superior job and future is college. College is the most necessary tool in order to be successful in life.
College gives its graduates the greatest ability to achieve a higher paying job. Furthermore, adults who attend college earn higher wages over those who do not. As emphasized in “College Grads Find Big Degree of Debt, Difficulty; American Families Start to Wonder Whether Education Cost Is Worth It” by Patrice Hill, a staff writer for The Washington Times, employees who have a bachelors degree earn an average of 84% more than people with only a high school degree. In accordance with these numbers, the results of a study conducted by the Treasury and Education Departments in 2011 show that college graduates with full time jobs earned 64% more per week than high school graduates. A similar study conducted in 2013 showed that a full-time worker with a bachelors degree earns 79% more than one without a college degree (Hill). There are numerous studies that verify that people who attend college earn higher wages. Furthermore, college graduates earn more desirable jobs. As Justin Draeger, CEO of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, states in his article “College Is Still Worth the Expense”, the…