Area 51 Research Paper

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Area 51, a restricted area located in Southern Nevada, 100 miles north of Las Vegas (Jacobsen, LA Times) is a mysterious site for those who have heard rumors about it. It also holds one of the most popular conspiracies that the United States holds. As well as its conspiracies, it also holds its history that dates back to the 1950s, as well as the OXCART program that benefitted the United States Government. Area 51, also known as the Nevada Test Site, was designed to help test nuclear weapons. Since 1951, 928 nuclear tests have been conducted by the United States Government.It is a detachment of Edwards Air Force Base located in Antelope Valley, California. Other names for Area 51 include Paradise Ranch, Dreamland,Home Base, and many others.(Brannan, …show more content…

To even get a glimpse of this mysterious place . This makes it hard for anyone to find out information. To even get a glimpse of this secretive place, you have to hike up walk up a long trail that is about 26 miles to Tikaboo Peak. From even there, you will not be able to see much, if anything. You may get a glimpse of a test plane taking off or the runway lights flashing but, the lights around area 51 go off and it will be undetectable. Only the best of the best in the United States government is able to go in there and they must sign an oath that ultimately tells them to keep everything a secret. At this special building, there is no windows so no one can see what is going on. Government officials usually use unmarked planes to fly to Area 51. They fly from Las Vegas to the unknown location. They also use the word “Janet” to call everyone to the plane. There is many conspiracy theories about Area 51. Time travel and Extraterrestrial life is two of many of them. Many people believe that the United States Government uses Area 51 to create time travel technology. There is no scientific evidence that time travel exists though, some scientists have faith that it is theoretically possible to time travel, no one has created a sure - proof

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